On Luna

from Jim McCourt’s adventure journal

Having met several giant manta, and seen one drown in a pool of yellow dust (yeast), we threw T-Mir in a pool of the stuff. He came up with a book of silver metal just like the metal of the famed Kampflugunterseeböot. We travel quickly here — it seems as if things weigh half as much. More of these things (metal things), one a coffin, are brought up by T-Mir; they believe all this stuff has something to do with Thalos…

We met a large city of small wazoo-like creatures. “Hello Little Things,” said S’bazzario. “Helbbbloooo LLittlle Thingggs” said things. They had a huge city (they are only 20 inches tall). And were bringing great quantitites of crushed rock to a factory — red, blue, and other things. We were tricked into leaving.

Past great fields of Sunflowers (hot indeed, as the sun they were). Through a great ditch — sides as smooth as glass. We jumped down into it and climbed up the other side.

Ostend had nothing of this climbing shit. He simply leaped the 20 plus feet as if it were nothing. By the way, we are at this time starving. Ryde blew his arm off and replaced it with the clockwork arm (from a previous adventure).

Great gourds, almond shaped plants, lie in the shadow of the mountains — Ostend went into one and came out with a turtle and an attitude. Great explosions occur and the following theories were forthcoming:

S’bazzario — Grea mage saying “budadow-dow-dow”
Karl — Gods playing
Thriftmir — Not to worry
Cap’n — exploding plants
Ostend and Ryde — who knows? who cares?

We came to the Mountain — on top is a pit of wisdom — S’bazzario went up and got mauled. Thriftmir tossed the S’b rune and got him back.

Cap’n, Ostend, and I went thru vegeport to the Big Castle…

Whereupon we come to said land, which ye ol’ captain has explained is near his land of España… he calls this land Angleterra. We came to a foul village and bought (for lack of better word) an idiot — an innocent of perhaps age 30. We returned…

On Luna

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