Letters from Kate

by Kugelblitz

A wooden box, containing a dozen oranges and carved with the Indrafang seal, was delivered to Mariam at Thunder House on Guyekoni 7, 997. This letter from her mother, Kate the midwife, was also in the box.

My sweet Mariam,

Oh how I have missed you these many months. What a surprise to find that these small men who were at my door suddenly not only know you, but indeed said you had wed, again. The entire villiage came to our house that night at one point or another, except you know who. She died over the winter, of a broken heart some said. I thought it was more likely her heart was fine she just did not eat right. So you are wed, to someone of some mighty rank I hear now. There were some nice gifts, even some gold! My word. These small men insisted on explaining the wedding to Keri And rafan in much detail. The neighbors and some of the monks were rapt about it all. The small men also said it was important that they do some repairs for the house. Some repairs, I thought they were going to fix the soft spot by the byre. When I got back from the Cranshaws (the small man Dori came too) they had rebuilt the whole roof with real shingles. Also the well works very nice now and I have a stone floor. Poor cat she was quite invisible for a while over this and the Fenners kept coming over to see what was happening. I am almost out of tea now. One small man Smurk stayed after the others left and now he is running the smithy with of course Abram apprenticing again. I have no word of your father at all but I hardly want to hope after all he is tough. I am glad you saw him he sounded happy. Smurk says if I need anything I can just ask but aside from tea no. I asked about Father and one of the small men (Jare?) got a funny look on his face. They have been heer a week now and will go soon. I have a drying shed, a new roof, some very odd acting neighbors and a smith who says he will just help out until later. Whatever is that? Please take special care you are our only daughter write when you can and I hope for grandchildren. Will they be small too?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This letter, along with several others, was delivered to the dwarf Sylvester’s stablery in Ramsgate on Guyekoni 9, 997 by Wiglaf, a mage from Thunder House who specializes in Finding magic.

Dear Mariam,

I am catching up now that I know where you are in Eaglescreech and all the boys have started in on a newer well with a room near the bottom for extras they say it is like a springhouse of a kind. They have finished the nice stone fence. Neighbour Hobb said it was very nice with no mortar or anything. There is a breeze while Wanneker and Hilm are doing some wall work. They say they are very funny some days they like to do things early and last marketday i came back from Cammies after a birthing out back and no back wall on the house, oh my. It is better now i have a drying room that works. There is more of a better garden space now that the low place by the byre is drained out. They want to make a dry mill but i have to give my ok they donot like to sit on there hands at all, they say. What is a dry mill? i want to know. The smithy is well and your brother is learning again but something I donot know went on there he won’t explain but there was some shouting and now he is very interested in the trade after “nothing happened mom”. He wonot tell anything but i guess it is over except for his pride. He is like your father so much i cry sometimes. Be well where you are much love now, any babies coming yet?


Letters from Kate

T'Klendathu ednoria