The Riddle of Dunbridge

by Chickenhat

Born in fire, yet heeds it not.
Stronger than sinew, not of metal wrought.
Grows up slowly, wrapped in magic.
Littlest part, whose end was tragic.
Light as driftwood, dark as fear.
Piece of wonder, twice as dear.

Ah, a riddle for our travelers. Spoken first to our knight, who currently denotes himself Sir William Pol, asked with great hope by Sir Warston Fink of Castle Dunbridge. From talking with other residents of the keep, it is learned that it was first presented by GreenMeade the widow at the Fell Solstice feast of 996. Some say she gave the lord of the keep a package along with the riddle, and others report that she went home afterwards and died that very day. Setting their minds to the question, there is cause for much frustration as we banter about between different ways to answer the riddle.

The Answer

The Riddle of Dunbridge

T'Klendathu ednoria