The Answer

Finally, minds and bodies exhausted, Mariam gains insight from the gardener of the groves at Castle Dunbridge when Ash introduces himself and the treant slowly says “Ah, a life and a death…”

The answer is presented to Sir Warston, currently in his chambers and suffering from gout.

The answer is: ash.

The ash of a fire, is born of fire and heeds it not since it comes from it.
An ash bow is stronger than the sinew of its bowstring, and is not of metal wrought.
Ash, our elf companion, is much older than he looks and is by his nature magical; and an ash tree grows slowly and some wizards consider it a good wood for their magic staves.
Ash is the littlest part of a fire consumed and thereby done with its purpose and is in that way a tragic end.
Such ash is lighter than the wood it comes from, ash the wood is lightly colored, and when it is burned turns dark as well.
And I daresay, our friend Ash is a piece of wonder and is twice as dear since his people are few in number nowadays.

Upon hearing the answer, Sir Warston presents an item that was left at the feast by the widow GreenMeade. It is gray in color, 6 feet long, tapered at either end. When held it bears hardly any weight at all, and is of a material which has been found unmarked by fire when tested. It looks like an ash bow stave.

It is dragon bone, and it will be strung with spider silk.

The Answer

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