The House of de Grocie



Abelard de Grocie (927-983)

Died of apoplexy whilst beating his huntsman.


Fortinbras de Grocie (b. 948, m. Bridget Eastbourne)

Salt & pepper haired, known as the The Badger, pale skinned, square faced with fierce eyebrows and manners. A very wide & tall man. Father of Alain.

  • Favorite color – gold
  • Favorite activity – hunting
  • Personality – passionate, energetic, likes debating from any viewpoint
  • Favorite saying – “Never let go.”
  • Rumors – Has a number of bastards, which he makes allowances for. An uncompromising Lord where his tenants are concerned.

Margaret de Grocie (b. 967, m. Richard Cornifex)

Dark haired, known as the Rose of Duncannon Manor, pale skinned, narrow faced with the de Grocie ears.

  • Favorite color – violet
  • Favorite activity – riding
  • Personality – quiet, observant, with an inquisitive brow
  • Favorite saying – “Let us discuss this after we have pondered it more.”
  • Rumors – has her father’s temper, only guards it better

The House of de Grocie

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