The House of Cornifex



Richard Cornifex (b. 960, m. Margaret de Grocie)

Small, ill-favored, very rich, well connected and has kept away from Landsrue Town; very shrewd businessman who has made the most of his brother’s connections.

  • Favorite color – gold
  • Favorite activity – accounting
  • Personality – remote, cool and unflappable, he has the Cornifex looks and the Brabancon demeanor
  • Favorite saying – “If needs be, then there is money there.”
  • Rumors – has had at least one “peasant trouble” recently, which was handled rather poorly; he had to pay damages to a secular court for “excesses”

Married for connections in the east, considered a brilliant coup by Abelard de Grocie at the time.

Considered unbribeable — owns great swathes of the wool trade and has connections in the Highlands.

The House of Cornifex

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