Melaine's Maze

by Adrian Fisher,
additions by Kugelblitz, and descriptions by Ednoria

A sometimes whimsical, sometimes deadly maze, designed to discourage unwanted visitors from entering Melaine’s inner sanctum. It is uncertain if Melaine, now dead, was a magician, an alchemist, or some combination of the two. Whoever he was, he certainly had a lot of interesting toys.

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Important Landmarks


An ordinary bucket. Or is it?

Dancing Wine

A glass of plum wine, frosty and inviting, sits on a low table. A plum bobs within. A single sip lifts your spirits and you begin to dance.

It is a long time before you stop.

Gravity Fountain

Beautiful fish swim in the fountain. In the air above it, there is a distortion that you cannot bear to look at. As you approach, you are inexorably pulled towards it; you claw at the grass and manage, just barely, to pull yourself away.


Brightly colored marbles lie inside and outside of a ring drawn in the sand. You soon discover that whatever enters the ring is transformed into a marble, and can only be retrieved by shooting it out with another marble.

Be very careful where you put your hands.

Moat of Fear

As you approach the small water-filled ditch in the path, you are struck by the feeling that if you proceed, you must face your worst fear.

It is not a given that you will succeed.

Orange Tree

Orange fruits hang from a beautifully-shaped tree. You reach to pick one, and get your hand slapped for your efforts.

Peach Tree

A perfectly ordinary peach tree.

Reverse Arch

An innocent-looking arch looms over the path in front of you. As you walk through it, everything… changes. Right becomes left, and left right.

Fortunately, you discover that its effects can be reversed by re-entering the arch from a different path.

Scorpion Attack

A small scorpion skitters across the path. Minutes later, as you round another hedge, a huge scorpion attacks. After a brief but bloody battle, it is defeated, whereupon it changes back to its usual small self.

Now if you can just find an antidote for its poison before it’s too late…

Sex Bell

A bell hangs from a post, and a rope hangs from the bell. As you pull on the rope, the bell rings.

You find that you have become your other-sex twin. The bell will not change you back.

Silver Dust

You lift the seat of a garden bench. It is filled with silvery dust, softly glowing. You pick up a handful, and are surprised at how heavy it is.


A large web blocks the maze here. A spider, wearing a vest, politely asks if you have any flies.

Water Clock

A water clock ticks slowly in the distance. You walk towards it, but it never gets any closer. On a whim, you turn around and back towards it, and suddenly you are there.

This clock has no hands, and keeps its own time.

Wind Chimes

At the center of the maze is a low hill, topped with Grecian-style columns and a set of wind chimes. From here, you can see the whole maze at once.


This maze was published in “Secrets of the Maze”, by Adrian Fisher. He designed it for an herb farm in England. The fourfold symmetry represents the four categories of herbs: culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and decorative. Note the four mythical sea creatures at the corners. At the herb farm, their eyes are planted with aromatic herbs.

Adrian added another puzzle to this maze. Solve it so that you pick up each type of herb (basil, dill, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme) once, without retracing your steps or using a path more than once.

The entrance and exit waterfall towers were also designed by Adrian.

Melaine's Maze

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