Nest gweddw Caradoc Dall (aka Nest'n hell gwrach)

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So you’re the one who’s making all that racket. Do you know how much fuss there’s been over you? Now, now…. It’s a’right then. Don’ cry. You’re lost, aren’t you? That’s a’right then. You’ll find your way. I’ll help you, if it’s on my way. Just tell me about yourself. How’d you come to be here?

A’right, a’right. What’s wrong? Don’t be scared. I know, I know. It can be frightening, but…. There, there. Don’t cry.

I remember what it’s like. I know why you’re scared, I’ve walked a ways down that path. I remember the knives and the fire. The blinding light, the pain, the wailing of kinsfolk.

It was years ago. My mother found me there, after the men were gone, with their knives and their fire. She kept crying and crying over what I thought was a pile of rags, and I couldn’t get her to stop crying, either. I knew it was time for me to move on, but I didn’t want to leave her, so I let her drag me back.

And it hurt, to come back. It hurt bad. But my ma stayed right with me. It got pretty bad, it must have done, her with all those other kids to look after, and me too. It was a long time before I could so much as feed myself, or talk, and me with this face…

What? I don’t know that I was ever so much to look at, but the scars are a fright.

So my family wanted me back, and were right glad to have me back, up until I started to talk again. Then they were afraid that I’d ‘come a bit touched in the head, and then they didn’t.

Because, of a sudden, I could tell them where the bodies were buried, of the little boys who’d gone missing all those years ago. Because of I knew that Lambert’s wife hadn’t run off with that old Tinker, after all. Because I could do things like talk to folks like you, who just keep hanging on and hanging on to the folk that are weeping and wailing for them, rather than just saying gods bless and moving on, like.

My kinfolks didn’t just up and walk away, though. Not much, anyway. My Da’s cousin knew an old man. Good folk, but blind as a bat, who needed a young wife, and who promised to take good care of me. An he was good folk, just as promised, and he did take good care of me, for the rest of his life. An now I’m here, an him hanging around, looking after me in his own way, still, and our boy, too. So I’ve a place in the world – it’s just not the one that I thought I’d of come back to, if you take my meaning. And those that loved me so much, that drew me back, they moved on. They all do, in time. And so you ought, too, when you’re ready, and not a day before.

So tell me, now that you’re done crying. What’s holding you back here? What did you left unsaid, or undid? ‘Cause I would help you get your work done, if it’s not too far out of my way.

You don’t need to cry no more. The worst part is over now, do you see? There’s nothing more to be scared of…

Nest gweddw Caradoc Dall (aka Nest'n hell gwrach)

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