Biskarl Tarnik do Kestral



(written by Jim McCourt)

Biskarl is the third son of a mountain clansman. His youth was spent tending the herds of his father, and learning to use the spear and javelin to defend his village from raiding Jazaks, a fierce warrior people who haunted the mountains thereabout. Following his herds up steep slopes, and the patient instruction of his elders taught Karl, as his friends called him, to climb and understand mountains, and to hunt and track.

As a young man, Karl was captured by a band of Jazaks, and would have been their barbaric sacrifice if he hadn’t been rescued by a band of adventurers who happened by. Led by Phred, Prelate of Syph, and Trevor, ranger of some renown, the party rescued Karl, who was very grateful. So grateful, in fact, that he joined them. Somehow, he stayed with them across the mountains, and was nearly killed. Phred saved him from sure death, and awoke in Karl something of a religious light. He pledged himself, in his own way, to further the faith and to support Phred, whom he is devoted to.

Many adventures took Karl, Trevor, Phred, Ryde (dwarf), Sheb (hobbit), and later Thriftmir and Ostend (lizard), through ancient mines under the mountains, down the great aqueduct o’er the mountains, visiting an ancient civilization in collapse, all in the search for the Book of the Dead. The return home, to see Ramsgate, Landsrue, and all the great cities that Phred and Sheb filled his mind with images of, was as perilous as ever. During these adventures, Karl began to speak “Southern Common” fluently, and picked up the use of the sword, which was much more useful than the spear. His skill as a warrior has increased and he is now a formidable fighter.

Karl approached Lord Walter of XXXX, offering his loyalty for land in the North. The northern shore of Belteshime, called Kestral, is the site of Karlsbad, Karl’s stronghold on the sea.

Biskarl Tarnik do Kestral

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