Most elves are called Sindarin, or Star-People. Ash is a sea elf, or of what you call the Earendil. He was born on a ship and spent the first 50 years of his life at sea without ever touching dry land. His sense of balance and ability to climb are like most people’s ability to fall out of bed. Most sea elves are highly xenophobic, but Ash has not lived long enough to distrust humans as much as his kin and has spent some time serving aboard human ships and boats.

Most elves in the history books have descriptive names, they are also a few hundred or a couple thousand years old. Having such longevity they take the perspective of a tree or a mountain, some force of nature not in a rush to accomplish things. Isildur Silverheels was nearly a thousand when Belegost was flooded, his name means Moon-following or Moon-Lord. Dag is called Silveren Gwahir, meaning White-winged Flying-Lord. Ash is only 80 years old so he doesn’t have a “name” yet, he calls himself Ash because it’s as good as any other name.

Ash is just about 5 feet tall, skinny with short brown hair and an angular face. He wears soft doeskin boots and breeches with a silk shirt under a fitted leather jacket. The jacket is a boiled and darkly stained hard leather with a high collar and a row of antler-tip buttons on the left side. He also wears a short full circle cloak of walrus hide that goes down to his waist. At his waist he carries a saber, a slightly curved sword with a knuckle guard. On his other hip is a large kidney shaped beltpurse that rests over a large knife, hanging on the outside of that same scabbard is a small well-balanced dagger. On his back is a quiver of arrows in a hard leather case with a cap to protect the fletchings and a thin leather bow-bag hangs with it.

Twenty years ago he came of age and got the wanderlust that all elves get. It’s a perspective of going off to college to watch the grass grow. Each place and each person would be a new memory and it would grow like a strand of hair. He started by sailing a small skiff to a human whaling ship and working for passage, just to see what port it would land in. It went North and amidst the Norsemen for a while, then another to the Highlands, and another further down the coast, taking a year to try his land legs he wandered near the Meads and the city of Ramsgate but not into the walls proper until he joined the party. It was sometime about 10 or 12 years ago he met up with Tilliam, Ryde, Thifmir, Vaklyra, Captain, Biskarl, and Mr. Green. He was around for Ryde’s marriage, Thrifmir’s imprisonment, a scandal involving a brothel, the opening of Belegost and the recovery of Isildur’s poetry. Ash has been to the South once, but only briefly when the party went by camel and by ship and returned directly to Belegost by stepping-stone. When the party went to the Grey Havens to return Isildur’s epic to the Silverheel family of windweavers he offered to spend some time as their son and learn Isildur’s writings with Isildur’s sister Darshi and their father Mathias. He stayed there for 10 years learning just one complete cycle, putting to memory something longer than all 17 books of Don Juan. Sometimes he spends the whole night just singing one verse to himself, one verse takes that long. Now it’s time to see how much the world has grown so he’s re-visiting some of the people and places he met before. One of these is Belegost, and that’s where he meets a human named Llwyd who is trying to learn a spell written in Elvish. He’s on a journey to some of the same places again, and he knows the way to Karlsbad and from there to the coastal ports to get to Landsrue and Eire. The best way to travel is to hook up with somebody going the same way and see where it takes you. He would gladly travel to some new places with friends of the Lady Gillian and her husband Ryde, it would be fun.


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