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  • Llwyd ap Afor

    I am Llwyd, son of Afor and Bladwyd. And yes, I am their oldest son, in fact their only son, I have two older sisters. Apparently in Landsrue being the oldest male child is important, in Morgraine inheritance goes to the fittest, and that I probably am …

  • Sir Rydetalin Tethamagrion daraChinstal Clay

    p>. _Portrait by Kugelblitz, after Paul Kidby_ h3. Ryde Cleans House (or: How The Dwarf Came Home, Broke His Curse, And Made Up With His Wife) These young ones, they do not know me. They would not know me, for I am cursed. I have been the bearer of …

  • Biskarl Tarnik do Kestral

    _(written by Jim McCourt)_ Biskarl is the third son of a mountain clansman. His youth was spent tending the herds of his …

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